When I reduce the scale, at a certain point the map display goes black. What happens to the map?

The map (and maybe other maps) are rendered black, because there was not enough memory available to render it in full detail at the selected scale. If you increase the scale again, the map should be rendered normal. You may also try to provide some more program memory.

Where do I get maps?

Check the maps page for suggestions.

Where do I get information about GPS?

Check the GPS page for suggestions.

Why is there a difference between the X scale and the Y scale?

For each scale its length is indicated. The length depends on the current scale of the map and on the current position. You will notice if you scroll north or south (do not modify the scale of the map), that the length of the X scale shrinks, while if you scroll to the east or west, there is no such change in the Y scale. This happens because the circumfence of latitudinal circles (circles where latitude is not changed) shrinks the more you approach a pole, while longitudinal circles always have the same circumfence whereever you are.

Which devices are supported?

Check the hardware compability list.

Why is the the map transformed into a (vertical or horizontal) stripe after the calibration?

Unfortunately the world coordinates (lon/lat) got wrong. Then the density in degrees per pixel is much higher than in the other direction. Normally, it should be about the same.

The solution is to recalibrate. Please try to get a more accurate measurement (i.e. wait some time at a calibration position) or put the calibration samples as far from each other as possible.

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