LocBrowser assists you managing your personal private and professional location data. Furthermore, it enables you to adapt location services to your needs. Its service not only simplifies your daily life, but also entertains you in leisure time. Additionally, it supports sharing of data and services with your family, friends, colleagues or customers - whether from your desk or when you are on the road.

The platform is open in the following sense. First, it uses open standards or publish its used formats. Second, it is platform independent. In the beginning however, it is only available for PDA's on the basis of Windows CE. But it is intended to port it also to Linux, PalmOS or Windows for Desktop Systems. Third, at least parts of its sources will be released to the public.

There are four editions of this assistant:

LocBrowser Basic Edition
LocBrowser Guide Edition
LocBrowser Personal Edition
LocBrowser Community Edition

If you like to know more information about any of these editions, please send a mail to info@locbrowser.com.

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