Hardware Compability List for the LocBrowser

The following list helps you checking whether your hardware is compatible with the LocBrowser. If you have a device (PDA or GPS receiver) that is not listed yet, we would be happy to know, whether you had any success using the LocBrowser with it or not. Just send a mail to support@locbrowser.com.


All Pocket PCs with Windows CE 3.0 (PPC 2000 and 2002) and Windows CE 4.2 (PPC 2003/Windows Mobile 2003). Supported CPUs are: StrongARM, XScale, SH3 and MIPS. It will propably also run on the Phone Edition (is not tested so far).

The application was successfully tested on the following devices:

Compaq Aero 1550 (PPC2000)
Compaq iPaq 3660 (PPC2002)
Compaq iPaq 3630 (PPC2000)
Dell Axim X5 (PPC 2002 and 2003)
HP Jornada 525 (PPC2000)
Toshiba e750 (PPC2002)
Toshiba e800 including VGA mode (PPC2003)
Zayo A600 (PPC2002)

Not supported: Windows CE < 3.0, Windows CE 3.0 HPC, Smartphone 2002 and newer. All these editions have a different GUI.

GPS Receivers

The LocBrowser is compatible with all GPS receivers that send NMEA 0183 data.

The following devices were successfully used:

Garmin etrex
Pretec CompactGPS
SysOn GPS CF plus
Holux210 GPS mouse

Problems are encountered on:

Fortuna GPSmart in combination with the Socket Bluetooth CF card (no data is received).

Not supported: all other protocols like SIRF.

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