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****Google: Try searching for images.

Travel related maps

**** MapQuest: maps and driving directions
**** world-wide maps
**** Expedia: topographic maps around the globe, detailed street maps
**** Hot-Maps : maps of German and worldwide cities
*** MSN MapPoint: driving directions
*** Yahoo: maps and driving directions
*** Multimap: street maps and travel directions for the UK and Europe, the world
** free, commercial maps
* list of free maps

Scientific Maps

** ESAD - MrSid Image Server: satellite maps by the NASA
** Geography Network: online resources for maps
** Interactive World Fact Book: economy, geography, climate
** National Ocean Service : USA charts
** Social Studies Center: worldwide maps
** United Nations Cartographic Section
** United Nations Environment Programme GRID-Arendal
* Chalk Butte Inc.: sells topographical digital maps


** Library ETH Zürich : gateway for mapping and maps (Travel/Scientific)
** University of Texas : directory of several hundred links to online maps (Travel/Scientific)
** Mapresources: sells maps (Travel/Scientific)
** CGRER NetSurfing: maps and references about weather (Scientific)
** MapTrax: links for many topics (Travel/Scientific)
* BUBL Information Service: maps of Asia (Travel/Scientific)
* Alpineresearch : maps for mountaineering (Travel/Scientific)

North America


**** Hikinginfo: links to hiking maps and GPS recommendations (Travel)
*** National Park Service Cartographic Resources: cartographic resources for visitors (Travel)
*** TerraServer: US maps (Travel)
*** The Backpacker : hiking in California (Travel)
** Louisiana Hiking Trails : (Travel )
** ChartTiff: sells US maps (Scientific)
** Free Topo Foundation : topographical maps (Scientific)
* Map Maker : generates (aerial) US maps (Scientific)
* Tiger Map Server Browser: US Census Bureau (Scientific)
* USGS NAWQA Digital Maps: National Water-Quality Assessment (Scientific)


**** Interactive Maps of Europe : (Travel)
**** Viamichelin: search for touristic information (Spanish) (Travel)
**** Mappy: interactive maps, downloads of city maps for Palm (French) (Travel)


Maps of Austria: (Travel/Java Plugin)


** Beyond Tours: hiking, cycling the Provence (Travel)


City Map of Stuttgart: (Travel/ Java Plugin)
**** Deutscher Stadtplandienst: German city maps (Travel)
****Wanderbares Deutschland: a portal about hiking in Germany (in German) (Travel)
** Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (AdV): official maps of Germany (Scientific)
Some Information : on the use of digital maps by Rolf Bleher (in German)


*** Hungarian Web: maps of Hungary (Travel/Scientific)


*** Libero: Italian and European maps (Travel)
*** Tuttocitta: Italian city maps (Travel)


**** Information on Poland : including maps, link-collection (Travel)
** Tatry Hiking Maps: trails in Poland and Slovakia (Travel)
** SE Poland Topographical Maps: (Scientific)


**** Russia Travel : guide to Russia (Travel)


**** Swissgeo (Travel)
** Federal Office of Topography: digital products (Scientific)

United Kingdom

**** Get-a-map:service by Ordnance Survey for UK maps (Travel)
**** Streetmap: street maps of the UK (Travel)


**** Langa-Safaris: Maps of Southern Africa (Travel)
** Goafrica : Africa for Visitors (Travel)
** African Studies of Columbia University: (Link-Collection)


* Chinese University of Hong Kong: links to digital maps of China and Asia (Travel)
* University of Vienna: Early Maps of Asia (Scientific)


** Centamap: city map of Hongkong (English/Chinese) (Travel)
** Chinapage: maps of China and Asia (English/Chinese) (Travel)

Australia, New Zealand

** Small Guide: maps for travellers (Travel)
** MapZone: New Zealand maps (Travel)
** Geoscience Australia: (Scientific)

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