Get Your Free LocBrowser Guide Edition

Here is how you get a free developer license of the LocBrowser Guide Edition:

Provide an application for the Guide Edition. (You may use the evaluation version to prepare it).

If you submit your application, you agree with the following conditions:

Locomsoft Limited is not obliged to accept your entry. Reasons for rejection may be

If we accept your application, it will be available as a free download from the LocBrowser site.

If you are interested, contact us. Send your application (you do not need to send any files from the Guide Edtion) to Please provide a contact address, a short description of the application and best some documentation of it. You also have to add a declaration which states that the application is free from any IPR of third parties and that you agree with the conditions stated above. You may use the following text:

The files, which I sent you, are free to my best knowledge from any intellectual property rights of third parties. 
If not, I have the written consent of the third party (which I list below) to use it.

I accept the following conditions:
- The application, which I send you, may be published on the LocBrowser Website and any other site which Locomsoft Limited may choose.
- It may be used for free by anyone for non-commercial purposes.
- The application may be modified without any limitations by anyone.

Please note, that we do not send any of your material back or will keep it (just use electronic mail).